Ms. Pat

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The Breakfast Club

Comedian Ms. Pat made her debut on The Breakfast Club to discuss her book ‘Rabbit’ and her life story. You gotta hear this.

– Child hood story

– Getting shot

– Being with pedophile

– Selling crack

– Having a Gay daughter (Ashely)

– Nickname rabbit

– Abusive mother

– Breaking the family cycle of pain

– What was your turning point

– Getting beat with a roller skate

– Never went to therapy – comedy saved her

– How did you get into comedy

– Did you laugh to keep from crying

– Doesn’t care what people think about her

– Do you feel like you a did a good job raising your kids

– Did you have expectations for your children

– Belief in a higher power

– Blocking crackhead sister from life

– Raising her niece’s crack babies

Watch the whole interview below: